How to Make a Portable DIY Water Table?

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You don’t want your kids to mess around using water pipe. Kids like to have fun playing with the water. There are tables available that can help your kid get fun while playing in the water. Playing with the water doesn’t mean that kids need to get wet all the time. Playing with water can be made mess free with the help of a water table. Water table is a kind of table that will help kids play when there is ample water available. As the name suggest, the table provide water to the kids so that they can use water as source of entertainment and fun at the same time.

DIY water table is a convenient option for most of the parents because it can be structured quickly. You don’t need to purchase a water table for your kids; you can develop a table on your own. A quality of a water table is that it is portable and lighter in weight. But that can only be possible if you prepare the table wisely. It is obvious that the water table should have enough height that kids can easily have an access to the table.

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The table height should be according to the height of the kids. The water table can be made up of plastic PVC pipes. These pipes are easily available in the market and can be assembled together using the joins. Take the required length of the pipes and cut them in to pieces as per the required dimensions of the table. Use bends to join the different ends and make it sure that you have joined properly. As soon as the table is complete you can use plastic bucket over the table so that water can be poured inside the bucket.

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