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Sometimes you don’t have enough budgets to decorate your house. You need to consider lot of factors before making any kind of decision. You may have more than one door in your house, but all of these doors may not have the same kind of applicability as well. Home owners mostly focus onto those areas of the house that are more frequently used. Same is the case with the doors as well. A door that is more frequently used may be treated differently by the home owners. If we look thoroughly at the doors that are available for use, then the main entrance gate is the one that is frequently used. The door curtains can be as expensive as you want them to be, but there is no logic in using expensive curtains when you have other options available.  A cheaper way of designing the curtains is to make them simple. Try to use a fabric that is available in the market, moreover the style for the curtains should be simple as well.

You don’t need to pick a complex design. A complex design can be very expensive because it involve a greater manufacturing cost and at the same time require more time to design. For complex design you may need to pick more than one kind of the fabric. The multi-color fabric may look more enhancing but at the end it can turn out to be very expensive. Go for a simpler pattern as well. Pattern that is simple can last longer than that of conventional complex pattern. The hanging style should also be simple, like you can use rollers to roll the curtains. There are rings available for the movement of the windows; these rings can give a smoother movement to the windows. Other Cheap door curtain ideas can also be implemented.

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